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Artist Statement:
I find the color, shape and form of food to be fascinating. Especially of plant based food-the quietest food in the grocery store. It doesn’t require labels, health claims or cartoon characters. My photography is an expression of my discoveries as I explore and look beyond the obvious, often I’m looking inside the fruit or vegetable. I aim to create awareness, connection and share my appreciation for real food. I hope to inspire others to slow down and think about what they are consuming.  Food embodies so much more than just satisfying our immediate hunger.  It is something we all know, we rely on it to live, we need it to survive. Yet food is something that as time has gone on we have become further and further disconnected from it. I aspire to bring others closer to real, unprocessed food and the wonders of it by embracing and exploring all of the simplistic, natural visual appeals of it.

Paulette Phlipot graduated with honors from the Western Academy of Photography in Victoria, BC Canada.  Now living in Sun Valley, Idaho she is an award-winning culinary photographer. She was the founding photo editor for Teton Family Magazine for 5 years. She is currently the Food Editor for BigLife Magazine.

Upon graduation from photography school she received the top Provincial and the top National awards of  the Professional Photographers of Canada and Fujifilm . Paulette was awarded the IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) Best of Show Photography Award in 2008 in New Orleans.

When Paulette is not photographing the flavors and essence of a place you can find her in the mountains either hiking, biking, or skiing or at home in the kitchen making nourishing food with her husband and daughter.

Paulette Phlipot Photography
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