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Jen Galpin is a printmaker and painter living and working in Hailey, Idaho.  Jen earned a B.A. in Studio Arts from the University of Puget Sound in 2000 and moved to Idaho in 2001 where she founded Vita Brevis Press.  Jen has been working as a master printer specializing in intaglio, relief printing, non-toxic lithographic photo transfers, and large scale monotypes with local and visiting artists for the 14 years. In her personal work, Jen draws from several art disciplines- photography, printmaking, and painting- and collages the media together to create pieces that are richly and seamlessly layered.

Artist Statement

At my center, I’m a realist painter.  However, I’ve moved away from strict representational painting and I’ve begun collaging techniques (monotype and lithographic photo transfer with oil painting) and bringing my strongest skills from each into play.  My work originates in response to language- bits of songs, sentence fragments, poetry- words that have created a specific impression or evoked a strong emotion in me.  I’m interested in creating fiction with realism and I allow my process to be associative.  I work from my own photographs, sometimes transferring them and sometimes painting from them. Often I will sit with a photo I find evocative for months, having no immediate plan as to how I will use it. Then an idea from another process presents itself, or a corresponding image flashes into my mind, and I suddenly know where that piece fits.  My work tells a story, but I don’t tell the story from beginning to end.  I leave it open ended and allow the viewer space to bring their own experience to the work.