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Artist Statement:
Forty years ago, when I worked with forged steel, the sculptor David Smith was my main influence, and he remains an eminence grise. Art changed, galleries changed owners or closed their doors, and I went though a period of representational art, wildlife and sporting bronzes that were shown primarily in New York and Denver or done on commission. Occasionally I returned—and continue to return—to the earliest influences and experiments, moving backwards and forwards between representational and non-representational art. Both offer a particular and personal means of expression, so on any given day in the studio I might paint a portrait or a landscape quite “realistically” or push the painting onto the edges of abstraction.

I cannot tell when I begin a painting or sculpture what kind of journey lies ahead. And this mystery is the excitement of art.

Bruce lived in France, Spain, Santa Fe, Denver, and southern California over the past 45 years. He graduated from Yale, played professional hockey in Europe, and studied at the Art Students League and with such nationally recognized artists as Bruno Lucchesi, Tom Buechner, and Yuqi Wang. Bruce’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the west and in New York. His public work includes the Idaho White Water Memorial, a bronze of Hobey Baker for the NHL Hall of Fame, a bronze trophy for an ATP (professional tennis) tournament. His design for the Washington, DC Viet Nam Memorial received a Meritorious Award. Bruce and his wife moved to Ketchum in 1994.

P.O. Box 2344, Ketchum, Idaho 83340. Cell: 505-699-1600

Primarily work from the 80’s that remains available (wildlife, sporting, figurative) work: Most recent, newer work: