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BehalCatchpole Artists


When Steve Behal and Jeannie Catchpole met professionally in Toronto (as Professional Photographer & Graphic Artist respectively) in 1984 they discovered that they were born and raised less than 40 miles apart and attended Sheridan College of Art at the same time. They continued working on freelance projects in Toronto until Catchpole moved to Sun Valley, Idaho.

Nearly 25 years later with respective award winning art careers, Behal & Catchpole reunited in 2008, fell in love, and spontaneously began painting on the same canvas, forming a new and expressive entity.  (Expand here: )

Wikipedia defines synergy as:
The creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.

The story of Behal and Catchpole’s first joint painting, “High Desert Traffic”, stands as an undeniable affirmation of that very definition … an example of just what can be accomplished through an honest and perhaps fated commitment to love through art.

Jeannie and Steve have added to their collection with other intensely vibrant and harmonic acrylic pieces. Their joy in co creation seems only to grow and enhance their work.

To view “High Desert Traffic” and other works of art by Jeannie Catchpole and Steve Behal please visit their website at:  EMAIL or call 208.720.1867

MACHO BRAVO COMMUNICADO 30” x 20” Acrylic on canvas
SANTA MONICA 60” x 48” Mixed media on canvas